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Lead the industry and the influence in Utah by participating in Utah Cann 2019. Educate and empower.

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We have one chance to make a first impression in the State of Utah, and we want the best involved. 

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Demo your company to a ready and willing community of people who are hungry to learn, ask questions, and invest.

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Present your brand, product, or service to a market with very little exposure, and an emerging demand.


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Education We Provide

Advanced Workshops

Our advanced workshops give you personal consultation from industry experts on subjects ranging from dosing to marketing.

Global Expert Knowledge

Our team of experts are hand selected to fit the conference core curriculum and allow for personal and professional development.

Science Based Education

The information provided in regard to medical cannabis  is evidence and science-backed data presented by the industry experts.

Business Strategy

Learn the rules and regulations to lawfully operate a cannabis company and how to scale your business with evolving law.

Industry Networking

Meet the founders of the new age cannabis industry and make the connections that help advance cannabis as a commodity.

Reglation and Policy

Hear from and meet with government officials, discuss the legal implications of cannabis usage, cultivation, and sales.

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