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10.19 – 10.20 2018

Mountain America Expo Center
Sandy, Utah

Utah Cann 2018

Attend the Conference

Leading industry experts, medical professionals, scientists and more come together to offer answers to Utahns.

Participate in the Conference

Be a part of this historical event by participating in Utah’s First Ever Medical Cannabis Conference. 

About Utah Cann 2018

Shifting political landscapes, and ongoing research has inspired anxiety as well as excitement towards the medical cannabis industry. We have brought together the industry’s leading experts in order to facilitate an open and honest conversation with not only the community but also like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals. Our intent is to educate, prosper, and grow.

Keynote Speakers

Utah Cann will bring you local and national keynote speakers, personal testimonials, plus all-star medical and political panelists. Committed speakers include Stormy Simon, Martin A. Lee, Nancy Whiteman and Steve Ottersberg. More names will be released on utahcann.com and our Facebook page soon.

Breakout Sessions

High-level breakout sessions will focus on specific topics like investment opportunities, policing and policy, zoning regulations, legal restrictions and boundaries and more.


Both days of the conference will feature exhibition booths from over 50 vendors!

Featured Talks & Speakers

This is a learning experience for all Utahns to become better informed about the positive health and societal benefits of medical cannabis in advance of the historic ballot referendum vote in November. Topics will include discussions on cannabis medical benefits, Utah’s shifting political landscape, plus scientific and financial trends.
October 19 3:45

October 19 3:45

Board - High Times, Canna Kids

Stormy Simon

Fmr. President Overstock.com, CannaKids Advisory Board, High Times Board and MTrac Strategic Officer

October 20 09:45

October 20 09:45

Founder & Ceo of Wanna Brands

Nancy Whiteman

Entrepreneur & Industry Leader. Founder & CEO of Wana Brands. Recipient NCIA Excellence in Innovation Award.

October 20 2:15

October 20 2:15

Author & Founder - Convicted Creations

Chris Martin

Entrepreneur & Industry Leader. Founder & CEO of Convicted Creations. Author of “One Life – The Chris Martin Story.

October 19 4:30

October 19 4:30

Author & Director of Project CBD

Martin A Lee

Entrepreneur & Industry Leader. Founder & CEO of Convicted Creations. Author of “One Life – The Chris Martin Story. 

October 20 3:00

October 20 3:00

Member - American Chemical Society

Steve Ottersberg

Member American Chemical Society. Advocate for de-stigmatizing cannabis industry.

October 19 2:15

October 19 2:15

Senior Managing Attorney- Carp Law Group

Robert Carp, Esq

Marijuana Business Legal Expert for representation of marijuana licensing and IRS Code 280E compliance

October 20 10:30

October 20 10:30

District Attorney for Salt Lake County

Sim Gill

Mr. Sim Gill became the District Attorney in 2010 for Salt Lake County, prior to his election worked as SLC’s Chief Prosecutor.

October 20 11:15

October 20 11:15

VP - Epilepsy Association of Utah

Doug Rice

Doug is the acting VP of the Epilepsy Association of Utah assisting the Political Advocacy Committee in successful lobbying efforts to pass SB232, Rescue Medications in School.

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